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2015 Beach 4 Life Tournament Results Summary

The summer saw yet another full calendar of tournaments to choose from between the traditional 2s (same gender) Senior & Youth 2s Tour to go along with Special Event formats including coed 2s, coed 4s, Family 2s, and “Dust It Off” (click here to see our 2015 Tournament Calendar).  Our Senior (Adult) 2s Tour saw the ‘AA’ Division competing for prize money, with Senior (Adult) ‘A’ Division and all Youth (age class) 2s Tour competing for prizing.  The summer brought out many of our consistent main stay teams to go along with some veteran returning faces mixed with some new faces which all added up to some great competition throughout the summer.

Beach 4 Life also welcomed a new venue utilized not only for the introduction of our new Adult & Youth Beach League, but tournaments as well in Maple Grove Rugby Park.  In addition to MGRP, tournaments were also hosted at Grand Beach.  Since 2008, Grand Beach plays host to Beach 4 Life’s premiere 2 Day August Long Weekend Tournament.  As Grand Beach was home to beach volleyball tournaments prior to the onset of Beach 4 Life in 2008, this year saw a little of going home for some additional tournaments to that of our August Long Weekend premiere 2 Day Tournament.

Each year would not be possible without our many great sponsors.  Please click here to get more information about our sponsors and find links to their home pages.

With our Senior ‘AA’ (Adult) 2s Tour participants receiving points for their final placings in each tournament played, this summer saw a tight race to see who received top points honors.  Please see below for the top 10 point players and (click here) to see the full player point listing

Women                                          Men

Chloe Reimer 2340 pts                    Dusty Spiring 2220 pts
Evelyn Kampen 2280 pts                 Denis Vermette 2040 pts
Lindsay Braul 2280 pts                    David Kukkonen 1980 pts
Kait Enns 2100 pts                          Dane Pishcke 1800 pts
Mariel Garcia 2100 pts                     Ryan Munt 1740 pts
Hailey Hildebrand 1980 pts               Jeremy Flynn 1600 pts
Vanessa Schulz 1980 pts                  Micheal Corrigan 1560 pts
Stephanie Smith 1980 pts                John Nieckarz 1560 pts
Melissa Unrau 1920 pts                    Brian Enns 1560 pts
Patti Parker 1920 pts                       Steven Guenther 1440 pts

Please read below to find a full listing of top 3 finishing teams for each Senior & Youth Tour Event.  Please note, as all 3rd place matches are not played out with exception to our August Long Weekend Premiere 2 Day Event, teams listed in 3rd/4th share the 3rd place finishing.

To view photos of this summers league and tournament action click here....

June 14th Senior (Adult) 2s Tour


1st - Dane Pischke/Scott Friesen
2nd - Dusty Spiring/Adam DeJonckhere
3rd/4th - Brian Enns/Paul Robidoux & David Kukkonen/Steven Guenther


1st - Elina Domnidou/Shanlee McLennan
2nd - Chloe Reimer/Katie Friesen
3rd/4th - Mariel Garcia/Kait Enns & Evelyn Kampen/Lindsay Braul

June 20th Senior (Adult) 2s Tour


1st - Anthony Roberts/Michael McCaffrey
2nd - Ryan Munt/Paul Robidoux
3rd/4th - Dusty Spiring/Devren Dear & Michael Corrigan/John Nieckarz


1st - Chloe Reimer/Katie Friesen
2nd - Mariel Garcia/Kait Enns
3rd/4th - Evelyn Kampen/Lindsay Braul & Stephanie Smith/Brianne Collette

June 21st Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s

16U Girls

1st - S2 (Sydney Elliot/Shayne Nichols)
2nd - Wahine Warriors (Jordan Hamm/Anna Maidment)
3rd/4th - Big Sand (Mikayla Woodward/Keli Beatty) & Chaelyse Comeault/Erika Vermette

June 27th Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s

1st - Anna Maidment/Ashlyn Carriere
2nd - Big Sand (Mikayla Woodward/Keli Beatty)
3rd/4th - Wicked West Warriors (Jordan Hamm/Jayda Nault) & Shank You (Laila Arjoon/Megan Firman)

July 4th Senior (Adult) 2s Tour & Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s


1st - Dusty Spiring/Devren Dear
2nd - David Kukkonen/Welchinski
3rd/4th - Michael Corrigan/John Nieckarz & Jeremy Flynn/Denis Vermette


1st - Evelyn Kampen/Lindsay Braul
2nd - Lindsay Smith/Amy Johnson
3rd/4th - Brianne Collette/Jayme Menzies & Stephanie Smith/Heather Unrau

16U Girls

1st - Big Sand (Mikayla Woodward/Keli Beatty)
2nd - Anna Maidment/Jordan Hamm
3rd/4th - Salt N Pepper (Annika Loeppky/Kelysian Warmington) & Riley Smith/Ashley Reimer

July 12th Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s

16U Girls

1st - Anna Maidment/Ashlyn Carriere

2nd - Alexi Runke/Dana Wiens
3rd/4th - Alexa Jaworsky/Sara Christie & We Could Carry Less (Erika Vermette/Chaelyse Comeault)

July 19th Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s

16U Girls

1st - Big Sand (Mikayla Woodward/Keli Beatty)

2nd - S2 (Sydney Elliot/Shayne Nichols)
3rd/4th - Jordan Hamm/Kalin Winter & Anna Maidment/Ashlyn Carriere

July 26th Youth Tour (Age Class) 2s

16U Girls

1st - Wahine Warriors (Jordan Hamm/Anna Maidment)

2nd - Greasers (Averie Allard/Jessica Andjelic)
3rd/4th - Alexa Jaworsky/Sara Christie & Team Zumba (Kristen Nynych/Julia Defehr)

South Beach Casino Open (August Long Weekend 2 Day Event)


1st - Ryan Munt/Dane Pischke
2nd - Brian Enns/Jeff Zylstra
3rd - Dave Kukkonen/Steven Guenther


1st - Elina Domnidou/Chloe Reimer

2nd - Kait Enns/Mariel Garcia

3rd - Josie Abbott/Kearly Abbott

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