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Athletes will be introduced to the beach game, all the while enjoying many fun filled mini games throughout the duration of the camp.

Beach Volleyball can offer a variety of advantages that can be transferred to the indoor game:

- Increased court awareness (2 players on the court only opposed to 6 for indoor)

- Increased speed and agility as a result of training and competing in sand

- Variety of additional decision making tools

- Additional tactics and strategies

- Increased defensive and offensive ability

- Increased ball control (with only 2 players on the court, all skills are required to be executed)

2017 Camp Details

To Be Announced

Camp Online Registration & Payment Link:

Some Notable Manitoba Athletes Who Have Made Beach Volleyball A Part Of Their Overall Development:

Athlete Institution
Chloe Reimer Brandon University
Shanlee McLennan    Brandon University
Ozana Nicolic U of Winnipeg Wesmen
Elina Domnidou U of Winnipeg Wesmen
Taylor Pischke U of Manitoba Bisons
Rachel Cockrell U of Manitoba Bisons
Lexi Janovcik U of Manitoba Bisons
Katie Friesen MBCI, Cobras
Maiya Westwood MBCI, Shock
Kaite Reeves MBCI, Shock
Janelle Neyron MBCI, Shock
Courtney Kowk MBCI, Shock
Josie Abbott St Mary’s, Cobras
Kearly Abbott St Mary’s, Cobras
Eric Leoppky Steinbach, Winman
Ryan Munt U of Manitoba Bisons
Dane Pischke U of Manitoba Bisons
Bruce Akabukaka St Pauls, U of Brandon

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