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2018 Beach 4 Life Age Class Beach Club Info

Thank you for your interest in our age class beach club program.  As summers are short in MB, many times other interests can get in the way of squeezing everything in.  With our age class beach club, the time commitment is based around (2) two times a week training sessions, with approximately 2 - 3 age class beach tournaments over a 4 - 6 week period.  This allows for interested athletes to not have a heavy commitment weekly, with every weekend being tied up with multi-day tournaments.

Athletes can look forward to:

  • Training's (2) per week - the specific days and times will be released by May 1 annually. Training's will look to start the first or second week of July an conclude 2 week of August/MB Beach Provincial Championships. Training's will be 1.5 - 2 hrs long with certified / experienced beach coaches.  Athletes will have the opportunity if they are new to the sport learning the differences in technique, communication, mental, and strategic approaches beach volleyball posses over indoor volleyball.  All the while benefiting from the physical resistance and endurance training that results playing in a beach volleyball environment.  Sand, wind, sun/heat are all variables an athlete learns to incorporate into their game when playing beach volleyball that does not apply to indoor.  If it is an athlete that has some beach volleyball experience, then we look to build on the same fundamentals beach volleyball requires to formulate higher efficiencies or execution, advanced techniques and strategies applied to matches
  • Tournaments - teams will have the opportunity to compete in 2 tournaments & MB Beach Provincials as a part of the cost for the program, with the opportunity to compete in more at the athletes own expense.  These tournaments are (1) day tournaments (with MB Beach Provincials being 2 days), so that still leaves one day on the weekend to head to the lake or just relax in the back yard to go along with not every or every other weekend throughout the whole summer
  • Teams - teams will look to be formulated by the coaching staff early into the training sessions to allow for athletes to have the maximum amount of time to train together to develop dynamic and chemistry
  • Athletes - do not need a partner to participate in this program.  Individual athletes registering will look to be partnered up with other individual athletes by the coaching staff.  If you have someone (teammate, friend, etc) you are interested in playing with in this program, bring them out with you and the coaching staff will look to accommodate
  • Location - training's can happen at: (a) Maple Grove Rugby Park (b) Melrose Community Centre (c) Cavalier Inn
  • Age Classes - 14U, 15U, 16U, 17/18U