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New Record Set with 53 teams total competing on June 25!

June 25 saw a new record of 53 teams competing between Senior & Youth ages.  For our Senior Tour, it was the second stop on the calendar, with the Youth tour also competing with their third stop on the Youth Tour calendar.  Once again leading the way was our Senior Men’s Division with 19 teams.  Our Senior Women’s Division saw 10 teams competing, with our 14U Girls bringing in 5 teams, 14U Boys bringing 4 teams, 16U Girls representing strong with 8 teams, and for the first time this year, our 16U Boys division brought in 3 teams.

Beach 4 Life is extremely excited to see this kind of growth and interest in beach volleyball start to come back to the forefront and begin to return to the status it once enjoyed in years past.  The volleyball community in Manitoba is one of the largest sporting communities in Manitoba, with it also being one of the largest for volleyball in Canada.  It’s definitely time to show everyone in Manitoba how much fun this sport is to play, how many great options there are for people to enjoy the sport, and continue to be one of the top developmental and performing Provinces in Canada!

Next on the Beach 4 Life Tour Calendar sees July 10th hosting our Youth Tour #4 @ Melrose Park CC with 18U, 16U, 14U age categories to enter.  This event varies a little as we are offering up our usual 16U & 14U age categories, but there is also a 18U age category added into this event! As for our Senior Tour, July 23 @ Grand Beach sees our Senior Tour #3 take place.

Register early as the numbers have been exploding!

June 25th Senior Open #2 & Youth Tour #3 Event Results:

Senior Men
1st Munt/DeRocco
2nd McCaffery/Crosby
3rd/4th Korol/Small & Little/Robidoux

Senior Women
1st Pischke/Cockrell
2nd Visch-Krahn/Desrochers
3rd/4th Asham/Reimer & McLennan/Nikolic

16U Boys
1st Kress/Niecharz
2nd Martens/Pappel
3rd Dyck/Cairns

16U Girls
1st Friesen/Solberg
2nd Loewen/Schulz
3rd/4th Bujan/Hildebrand & Janovcik/Bridle

14U Girls
1st Westwood/Neyron
2nd Grzebeniak/Hyem
3rd/4th Ganske/Raposo & Savoie/Chowdhury

14U Boys
1st Leoppky/Loewen
2nd Martens/Kamstra
3rd/4th Pries/Plett & Kehler/Teetaert