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Grand Beach Back 2 Back!

Grand Beach has been a part of the Manitoba beach volleyball scene and community for years.  Beach 4 Life continues to host tournaments at this historical venue each year, all the while adding a new page to Grand Beaches history with our August Long Weekend 2 Day Premiere Event.  This event runs over a 2 day period, where by the first day see’s the tournament run up till & including the quarter-finals.  With the semi-finals, bronze, and gold medal matches taking place on the Sunday on a feature court set up on the main boardwalk @ Grand Beach.

July 23: Elite Performance Open @ Grand Beach

This was somewhat of warm-up event for all to get a feel for the deep sand associated with Grand Beach.  Since the onset of Beach 4 Life in 2008, the number of teams entering tournaments have been growing each year.  2011 saw something Beach 4 Life and beach volleyball in Manitoba hasn’t seen in a very long time, that being a limit on teams allowed to enter.  As there’s been a fantastic explosion in participation numbers in numerous categories (youth & senior), July 23rd & August Long held true and for the first time in years, some teams had to be turned away as these events were full!  Although Beach 4 Life is not in favor of turning any teams away, as a result of the court numbers, a maximum number had to be set for these two events.  In the future if the numbers continue at this pace, a straight double elimination format may be something in the future in order to accommodate more teams.

Senior Women Results

1st Erin Visch-Krahn/Christa Desrochres

2nd Taylor Pischke/Shanlee McLennan

Senior Men Results

1st Ryan Munt/Dane Pischke

2nd Brian Enns/Richard Wiebe

August Long Weekend 2 Day Premiere Event (July 30 & 31) @ Grand Beach

For the fourth year in a row, Beach 4 Life hosted its premiere August Long Weekend 2 Day Tournament @ Grand Beach which boasts a feature court set up on the main boardwalk on the second day of the event (Sunday).  This feature court hosts all semi-final, bronze, and gold medal matches throughout the day.  Players making it to the second day of this event get the chance to experience a full feature court set up and atmosphere.  As Grand Beach attracts an overwhelming 30,000 people over the August Long Weekend, spectators for these games are plenty.  In addition, players get the benefit of having 2 officials every match, 3 ball system, and court rakers to keep the court in top notch shape during each match.

Now the players themselves are not the only ones who receive such a professional feature court experience.  Any officials selected to participate in this event also get the chance to be on the main stage, go through many of the same protocols associated with officiating at our Canadian Beach Volleyball National Championships, officiate some of the top beach volleyball athletes in Manitoba, with a chance to be evaluated with the opportunity to possibly upgrade if they so desire.  Beach 4 Life & the MVA is constantly looking for ways to train and increase the number of beach volleyball officials in Manitoba.  Beach 4 Life hopes with events like these, potential and existing officials will be enticed that much more to become involved.

Senior Women Results

1st Taylor Pischke/Erin Visch-Krahn

2nd Holly Asham/Chloe Reimer

3rd Shanlee McLennan/Ozana Nikolic

Senior Men Results

1st Ryan Munt/Dane Pischke

2nd Lee J. Montgomery/Real Pelletier

3rd Brian Enns/Richard Wiebe

Please check out the gallery for full photo action!