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2012 Beach 4 Life Tour Kicks Off!

The 2012 Beach 4 Life Tour kicked off on June 2 with our Senior Tour coming out strong with a 30 team total representation.  For a lot of the players this was their first time back on the courts.  Boasting +32 with not a cloud in the sky, it couldn’t be a better day for the tour to kick off on!

June 9 followed suit with the total number of senior teams increasing to 34.  Not far behind was our first Youth Tour Event (June 10) which was represented with 18 teams.  As we had ideal conditions for our first event, rain decided to test all our athletes skills on these two days.  Toughing it out, all competitors battled through the rain to earn every point possible!

Beach 4 Life is very excited to continue to see new faces & games at each and every event and we strongly encourage any and all skill level players to participate as we got multiple divisions for you to enjoy.  With that, Beach 4 Life is also excited to welcome High Line to the scene.  The goal and underlying philosophy of High Line Beach Volleyball is to provide a positive learning environment for every athlete they work with.  Success is not only measured by results.  To High Line, it also means that those who train in their programs finish the summer more confident than they began.  For more information regarding High Line, please contact Catherine Grace Peters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Up coming June events:

June 17 Youth Tour 18U, 16U, 14U @ Melrose Park CC

June 17 Parents Tournament @ Melrose Park CC

June 23 Senior & Youth Tour 16U & 14U combo day @ Melrose Park CC

June 24 2nd Annual Stefan Savoie Memorial Coed 6’s Fundraiser @ Melrose Park CC

June 28 - July 1 Beach 4 Life @ Countryfest
Click here for full details...

June 2 Results


1st McLennan/Domnidou

2nd Solberg/Friesen

3/4 Riemer/Nikolic & Montgomery/Voth


1st Munt/Little

2nd Anderson/Kinoshita

3/4 Lux/Enns & McCaffery/Crosby

June 9 Results


1st Munt/Pischke

2nd Crosby/McCaffery

3/4 Ahow/Robidoux & Anderson Kinoshita


1st Riemer/Nikolic

2nd Descrochers/A. Wiebe

3/4 Montgomery/M. Unrau & Poole/Kampen

June 10 Youth Tour

16U Boys

1st Corrigan/Nieckarz

2nd Therault/Loewen

3/4 Loeppky/Teetaert & Hordyk/McKnight

16U Girls

1st Hildebrand/Kille

2nd Lacroix/Wensel

3/4 Morelli/Valdez & Smith/Paetsch