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50 Teams June 23, 2nd Annual Savoie Fundraiser Tourney, July 7 Youth Tour

50 Teams participate June 23

June 23 saw the first of our 3 multiple division events take place which include our Senior & Youth Tour participating on the same day.  A total of 50 teams made up our Men’s & Women’s Senior Division, with our Youth Tour 16U & 14U Divisions making up the remaining teams.  Melrose Park CC was the venue and 14 of the 16 courts available were in use.  Beach 4 Life is extremely excited to see all these teams coming week in and week out, with new faces making an appearance as well.  July 15 & July 28 make up our remaining two multiple division events.  Be sure to register your team early to ensure your spot!

June 23 Results

Senior Women

1st Riemer/Friesen
2nd Habing/McLennan
3rd/4th Lamoureux/Smith & Desrochers/Wiebe

Senior Men

1st Munt/Brookes
2nd McCaffery/Crosby
3rd/4th ittle/Robidoux & Kukkonen/Roberts

16U Girls

1st Janovcik/Bridle
2nd Wensel/Morelli
3rd/4th Bujan/Schulz & Kille/Hildebrand

16 Boys

R. Kehler/Martens & King/McKnight

2nd Annual Stefan Savoie Memorial Fundraiser Coed 6’s Tournament

June 24 saw the 2nd Annual Savoie Fundraiser Tournament take place at Melrose Park CC.  Although the entry numbers were not as high as last year, the 14 teams that made up the event easily made up for the missing teams.  Last years champions found a way to repeat to spite losing their key “Asian” player!  This years event once again was a success raising $1800 for the Stefan Savoie Memorial Scholarship Fund which helps young developing student/volleyball athletes develop in their sport & education.


Competitive Division

1st We Lost Our Asian
2nd Delish

Casual Division

1st CCS Beach Busters
2nd Balls & Canes

July 7 Youth Tour Event

20 teams were on hand Sunday to battle it out to call themselves champs for their respective age divisions.  What makes this Youth Tour very unique is the players and parents.  Although some teams may not be as skilled as others, or even playing in their respective age divisions, Beach 4 Life & Youth teams constantly work together to welcome all and insure they enjoy their experience.  Parents, Beach 4 Life is constantly thankful for all the time you put in.  Whether your a parent registering your child, or on hand from start to finish supporting your child, getting them water, fruit, food, etc, Beach 4 Life can not thank you enough for all you to do enable all these children the opportunity to play in Beach 4 Life events.

July 7 Results

16U Girls

1st Westwood/Reeves
2nd Kille/Hildebrand
3rd/4th Lacroix/Wensel & Smith/Paetsch

16U Boys

1st Corrigan/Akubukaka
2nd Theriault/Loewen
3rd Loeppky/Dyck



July 15 Senior & Youth Tour (16U & 14U)

July 28 Senior & Youth Tour (16U & 14U)

July 29 Family 2’s Tournament Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Kids, Nephews, Nieces, etc....looking to team up and have a fun day of volleyball with each other?  (Please refer to the Events Tab and select the *NEW* Special Events tab to get the full details).