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August 4 & 5 Pita Pit Open

Beach 4 Life is extremely excited to of partnered up with Pita Pit for the 2012 Beach 4 Life Tour, with our premiere event of the summer represented as the Pita Pit Open.  Taking place @ Grand Beach MB, players and spectators are treated to 2 days of beach volleyball action, with day 2 featuring a center court set up on the main boardwalk beach courts.  This center court features a fully professional feel for the players similar to that of an Olympic court, where by all semi-final, bronze, and gold medal matches take place.  In addition to the professional feel for the players, the spectator has the opportunity to take a seat on the boardwalk or in the sand surrounding the court and enjoy some of the top beach volleyball players in MB battle it out.

August Long Weekend traditionally has been renowned for receiving upwards of 30,000 + patrons attending the park at some point over the weekend.  Grand Beach has also been renowned for years as being a staple in beach tourism and what better way to add to ones Grand Beach experience then to be walking down the boardwalk and catch some beach volleyball action all throughout the day!

Be sure to not only check out this event, but check out all the amazing, healthy, tasty choices Pita Pit offers each and every day at any one of their locations!