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June Kick Off...

Summer seemed a little late compared to years past as we've been blessed with such a early spring.  With that, to spite solid forcasts for rain over each event day in June, the beach weather gods must of been shinning down on us as all June events were focasted for heavy rainfall which never ended up materializing.

June featured Beach 4 Life's first ever Student Beach Clinic, followed by our first Senior Tour Event on June 16, followed by our first Senior & Youth Tour combo event taking place on June 22 and sponsored by FXR Racing, with June wrapping up with our Countryfest Beach Venue.  Beach 4 Life is extremely dedicated to providing as many opportunities for all ages & abilities to learn, develop, and enjoy the sport of beach volleyball. 

By starting June off with our Student Beach Clinic, our aim is to introduce for those new and expand for those already exposed the sport to as many Jr. High & Senior High School athletes.  As beach volleyball posses many different rules one must be aware of on the beach compared to indoor volleyball, athletes are required to be aware of these rules, not to mention the additional restrictions physically one expereinces running around in the sand on a hot sunny day.  Whether an athlete is new to the sport, or looking for a competitive and developmental advantage to an upcoming indoor season, beach volleyball is a very enjoyable & beneficial sport.  Beach 4 Life will be looking to provide additional clinics next summer, please stay tuned on our website and at your local schools for information regarding our 2014 clinics.

June 16 saw the first of many Senior Tour events take place.  Dusting off the beach game, most players were seeing the beach court for the first time.

Men's Top 3 Results

1st Munt/Robidoux

2nd McCaffrey/Roberts

3rd/4th M. Stubler/M. Schriemer & Kukkonen/Burroughs

Women Top 3 Results

1st Vish-Krahn/Domnidou

2nd Reimer/Habing

3rd/4th McLennan/Solberg & Waysliw/Garcia

June 22 FXR Racing Open

Beach 4 Life was verypleased to present the FXR OPEN June 22.  Boasting close to 50 teams registered, beach volleyball will be enjoyed by all ages ranging from as young as 13 years old through our Beach 4 Life Youth Tour (14U, 16U, 18U), right up to veterans of the sport competing in the Senior Tour Division.

FXR Racing joined the Beach 4 Life supporters team in 2011.  Looking to bring you the player, friend, family member, and spectator the best of the best when it comes to such companies as Oakely, Troy Lee Designs, FOX, FMF, Monster Energy, RockStar and more, its hard not to associate the word COOL when thinking of all the wonderful brands. 

For further information of what our local St. Vital Mall location can supply you with, please visit or contact Carla Reimer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Men's Top 3

1st Munt/Lux

2nd M.Stubler/M.Schriemer

3rd/4th Kukkonen/Manness & Friesen/Loewen

Women's Top 3

1st Visch-Krahn/Friesen

2nd Reimer/Habing

3rd/4th Waysliw/Garcia & Smith/Lamouroux

Youth Final Results

18U Girls

1st Hildebrand/Morelli

2nd Wensel/Lacroix

3rd/4th Paitsch/Neufeld & Peters/Kille

16U Boys

1st Loeppky/Loewen

2nd Martens/McKnight

3rd/4th Hordyk/Vaags & Allard/Stasiuk

16U Girls

1st Westwood/Reeves

2nd Neyron/Kowk

3rd/4th Smith/Desourcy & Devlin/Whyte

14U Girls

1st Gesell/Gesell

2nd Peters/Winter

3rd/4th Munday/Woodward & Friesen/Fehr

June 27 - 30 saw Beach 4 Life return to Countryfest for a 3rd year in a row to operate the beach venue present at the longest running country music festival.  Each year Beach 4 Life brings up a chosen group of athletes to represent Beach 4 Life and take on the patrons of Countryfest.  Although this is not a official tournament atmosphere, the competition can get intense at times.  Never the less, FUN is still the main focal point with such games as Pro's vs Joe's, with prize give aways, beach dance party at night, and more.

July is stacked with events to enter for all ages and abilities, be sure to check out all the Senior Tour, Youth Tour, and Special Events and get your teams in!  With 2's, Family 2's, Coed Youth 4's, Coed 6's $1000 CASH 1st Prize, Stefan Savoie Memorial Fundraiser Tournament, Industry $500 CASH 1st Prize tournament and more to enjoy, once again get signed up and don't miss out on the fun!