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South Beach Casino & Resort Open

Beach 4 Life is extremely pleased to present the 2013 South Beach Casino & Resort Open this August Long Weekend (Aug 3 & 4) at Grand Beach.  Going on year 6, Beach 4 Life has hosted this premiere event of the summer each year at one of the top 10 rated beaches in the world.  Grand Beach has been known world wide for many of its attributes, but one of the most notables being that of the quality of sand being some of the best in the world.  Averaging 30,000 visitors on a long weekend, visitors are treated to some high level action taking place on the Beach 4 Life boardwalk feature court.  Manitoba’s top beach volleyball players participate all summer long on our Senior Tour, with August Long Weekend being the main event in the players eyes to not only participate in, but win!  Tournament play see’s the event played over 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), with day 1 playing up the quarterfinals, and day 2 being the day all players want to make it to.  Day 2 has the semi-finals, bronze, and gold medal matches being played out on the Sunday feature boardwalk court.  Players making it to the feature court Sunday are treated to large crowds of park visitors taking in the action as its very difficult for visitors passing by on the boardwalk seeing the action taking place from some of the top beach volleyball players in Manitoba and not grabbing a seat to watch!

This year, Beach 4 Life is very excited to announce that South Beach Casino & Resort will be the 2013 title sponsor of this yearly premiere event.  South Beach Casino & Resort has been with Beach 4 Life from day 1, providing wonderful sponsorship & support on so many fronts.  As a result of this fantastic sponsorship, Beach 4 Life has not only been able to get off the ground running, but we have been able to continually  provide the multiple opportunities over the past 5 years for all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport and all it has to offer.  With South Beach Casino & Resort being in such close proximity to not only Grand Beach (20 mins), but Winnipeg itself (40 min), its hard not to make the choice for a little getaway.  South Beach Casino has numerous amenities to offer with its first class hotel & casino, banquet & meeting rooms, swimming pool & hot tub, live entertainment, restaurants, and more!  Please be sure to check out all the great packages & amenities South Beach Casino & Resort has to offer by clicking the link below.

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