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2013 MB Beach Provincials

2013 saw the MB Beach Provincials hosted by Beach 4 Life for the 3rd consecutive year make a change in format for the Age Class teams.  In an effort to follow suit with our Canadian National Championships, a maximum of 5 matches per day was implemented for 2013 with age class divisions receiving 5 or more teams.  Age class athletes & teams saw round robin matches take place Saturday August 10, with playoff & play-out rounds taking place Sunday August 11.

Although most of the age class divisions competing received 5 or more teams entered, a couple age class divisions did wrap up their 2013 MB Beach Provincials on Saturday August 10.  14U Boys & 18U Boys completed a long summer of tournament action on Saturday August 10, with two 18U Boys teams continuing on to our Canadian National Championships to represent MB.  For the 18U Girls, 16U Girls, 16U Boys, 14U Girls, Sunday saw all these age class categories participating.

With the 18U & 14U Girls age class divisions representing the largest amount of teams throughout the 2013 Beach 4 Life Youth Tour Season, many 16U Girls teams chose to play up in the 18U Girls division during the Beach 4 Life Youth Tour.  With that, teams must choose their respective age class in their Provincial Beach Championship that they wish to participate in the Canadian National Beach Championship. As a result, if a team participates in the 16U age class division, they must enter the 16U age class division at our Canadian National Championships.  This in turn saw some of the 16U Girls teams that participated in the 18U Girls division on the Beach 4 Life Youth Tour participating in their respective 16U Girls division for 2013 MB Beach Provincials.

After a long fought day Saturday to gain the best seeding possible going into Sunday’s playoff rounds, Sunday saw no let up in intensity, with multiple amazing plays being made by all teams battling out for gold.  Below you will find photo’s of the gold, silver, and bronze medalist of each age class participating in the 2013 MB Beach Provincials. For a full list of results, please click here...

Beach 4 Life would like to congradulate ALL the medal placing teams and thank ALL teams who entered the 2013 MB Beach Provincials.  We look forward to 2014 and all it has to bring with our Senior & Youth Tour, Special Events, Student Beach Clinic, and Youth Summer Development Camp.

Photo Note (medal winners are in order of gold closest to the center, then silver, then bronze on the ends)

Senior Women

  1. Stephanie Smith/Lise Lamoureux
  2. Patti Parker/Christine Parker
  3. Christa Desrochers/Angela Diboll

18U Boys

  1. John Nieckarz/Michael Corrigan
  2. Bruce Akubukaka/Adrian Dyck (not present for photo)

18U Girls

  1. Talia Paetsch/Tyneille Neufeld
  2. Hailey Hildebrand/Mikaela Morelli
  3. Vanessa Schulz/Kalena Schulz

16U Boys

  1. Eric Leoppky/Jacob Loewen
  2. Brendan Cairns/Kyle Martens
  3. Greg McKnight/Michael Ogoms

16U Girls

  1. Janelle Neyron/Courtney Kowk
  2. Maiya Westwood/Katie Reeves
  3. Karly Smith/Logan Desorcy

14U Boys


  1. Brayden Kehler/Jaden Martens
  2.  Max Paddock/Liam Nohr
  3.  Mathieu Lavoie/Christian Pantel

14U Girls

  1. Ariana Streu/Sydney Kurth
  2.  Vanessa Smith/Julia Tays
  3.  Avery Munday/Mikayla Woodward