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Heart of the Summer!

With one month into the summer (June), the Beach 4 Life Senior & Youth Tours were in full swing with numerous special events taking place throughout July & August. As all youth athletes have wrapped up school by the end of June, most senior athletes dusting off the games, July & August was go time for everyone on the beach!

July was filled with 2 Senior Tour, 4 Youth Tour, the 3rd Annual Stefan Savoie Memorial Coed 6’s Tournament, and the 2nd Annual Family 2’s Tournament. Not only did we see a consistent turn out with our Senior & Youth Tour Combo Event days boasting 50+ teams participating between our Senior, 18U, 16U, 14U divisions, our special events also turned out some great numbers.

The 3rd Annual Stefan Savoie Memorial Coed 6’s tournament saw a total 18 teams enter between 2 divisions available (competitive & casual). Entry fee's go towards the Stefan Savoie Memorial Scholarship Fund, which chooses one male and one female high school athlete who displays the dedication, hard work, and love for volleyball Stefan Savoie displayed, combined with a strong scholastic work ethic. With a fantastic turn out for 2013, 2 fortunate athletes will be able to benefit yet again from this amazing scholarship fund.

With an outstanding 1st place prize of a Goldeyes box for 20 with food and beverage vouchers, its not hard to see why the competition was not only fun, but fierce at times! As the 2013 champion turned out to be the previous champion of the past 2 years, although their team name has changed slightly each year, it appears the “asian” was not the key to their first years victory as this years team name was “still looking for the asian”. With a hustling and bustling canteen offering multiple homemade items, operated by numerous members of the Savoie & Munt family, one can expect to feel a home like feeling while participating. Beach 4 Life is extremely honored to of hosted this event the past 3 years and very much looking forward to hosting in the years to come.

Please click on the link below for further information regarding this fantastic annual event:

July also saw the 2nd Annual Family 2’s Tournament take place with 2 divisions available for teams to enter (competitive & casual), with a whopping 24 teams entering this year. This is a substantial increase from our first year (2012) of 10 teams. Putting a twist on the traditional same gender 2’s format of beach volleyball, Beach 4 Life started this new format in 2012. The only rule that exists is YOU MUST BE RELATED! 2013 saw teams comprised of father/son, mother/daughter, cousins, aunt/nephew, etc. Ages of the teams ranged from brother and sister combining for a total 28 years, to teams with fathers and older children, combination of age to be left out on this one as we’re all young at heart and our games are still in top form.

Please click on the link below to see all 2013 Special Events as we will be looking to continue these events for 2014:

With July 27 seeing the last senior & youth combo event take place for the summer, this means August was right around the corner. As most senior players that have participated on the Beach 4 Life Tour, August means our premiere August Long Weekend 2 day event at Grand Beach. 2013 saw South Beach Casino & Resort take on the title sponsorship role for this premiere event. South Beach Casino & Resort has been with Beach 4 Life from day one, providing first rate sponsorship and support which has greatly aided in providing the many opportunities available for MB beach volleyball players, not to mention fantastic deals each August Long Weekend for players, parents, and spectators to enjoy. Boasting one feature court set up on the second day (Sunday) on the main boardwalk of Grand Beach, each and every player strives to make this day. This year, a mix of veteran players, with some new up and coming players made up the 8 teams participating on the Sunday. The senior women’s side saw veterans Kait Waysliw/Patti Parker earn a place Sunday with some of our younger tour veterans in their own right. Although only in their early 20‘s, Chloe Reimer/Brittany Habing, Ozana Nicolic/Elina Domnidou have spent many of their younger years developing their beach game, with one of MB up & coming teams Katie Reeves/Maiya Westwood (age 16). On our men’s side, the 4 teams making up Sunday’s action was veteran Byran Enns teamed up with new comer Paul Robidoux. A bit of a off and on partnership of Matt Lux/Zach Diboll decided to team up once again for this premiere weekend, with one of MB up and coming teams of Matt Stubler/Matt Schriemer, former U of W team mates, with Matt Stubler going into his 5th year at U of W with the Wesmen. Rounding out the 4 teams is Ryan Munt/Dane Pischke. With Dane Pischke, recent 5 year graduate of the U of M Bisions, and 1 year removed 5 year graduate of the Bisions Ryan Munt. Ryan Munt is regarded as one of the top defensive players on the beach, with Dane Pischke standing at 6’7 regarded as one of the top blockers on the beach. Put that combination together and it is tough to beat.

With hundreds of Grand Beach visitors stopping to watch the action on the boardwalk throughout the day, players are treated to not only great crowds, but also numerous amenities associated with a professional tournament. With day one of the tournament having the round robin & quarter final matches take place down on Lot 5, day 2 see’s the feature court hosting Men’s & Women’s semi-finals, bronze, and gold medal matches. 2013 marks year 6 for not only Beach 4 Life, but the operation of this premiere event. Beach 4 Life is very pleased to bring this type of event to Grand Beach yearly, and we are looking forward to 2014!

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